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If you’ve been wanting a brighter whiter smile, KoR Whitening provides consistently great results!


Which tooth whitening options are best?

kor Teeth Whitening Trays at Spodak Dental in Delray Beach

The Spodak Dental Group team in Delray Beach uses only KoR Max and Nighttime teeth whitening systems because they offer consistently better results than other teeth whitening systems. KoR Teeth Whitening uses a proprietary Dual-Activated, Tri-Barrel Hydremide Peroxide formula and delivery system. It’s continuously refrigerated for consistent results without the need for lights or lasers.

KoR MAX is a versatile and super-effective whitening treatment combining at-home teeth whitening with just a single in-office visit. For most people, it’s the very best possible whitening option available. The whitening treatment includes one in-office teeth whitening visit and two weeks of at-home nighttime teeth whitening. The Nighttime system is an at-home whitening treatment.

No matter which teeth whitening treatment you choose, once the desired whitening levels are achieved, periodic routine maintenance is recommended to maintain your ideal white smile!



KoR Teeth Whitening Treatment: How It Works

Research has found that the teeth whitening gel in conventional whitening trays is only strongly active for 25-35 minutes. This is due to rapid contamination of the teeth whitening gel by saliva. When filling a set of standard upper and lower whitening trays with the teeth whitening gel, saliva can contaminate the whitening gel in the trays and reduce its whitening capabilities.

KoR teeth whitening trays are specifically designed to keep whitening gel in the trays, and saliva out! These whitening trays, in combination with the KoR teeth whitening gel system, provide up to 10 hours of whitening activity compared to the typical 25-35 minutes of other systems.

The result is thorough stain removal, bringing your teeth back to pre-coffee, pre-wine, and pre-food stain whiteness levels!

KoR Teeth Whitening vs. Other Teeth Whitening Treatments

KoR Whitening:

  • Whitening trays keep gel in and saliva out
  • Gel keeps working for hours versus minutes
  • Ideal for both in-office and at-home use
  • Refrigerated to maximize potency

Take-home teeth whitening trays

  • Strips don’t keep saliva out
  • Contain a lower-strength gel
  • Can only use at home
  • Gel stored at room temperature reduces effectiveness

Boost Whitening

  • Results not guaranteed
  • In-office use only
  • Like whitening strips, the gel is kept at room temperature

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Life loves life. It may seem like common sense to some, but it’s actually real science. Recent studies in biophilia have shown that people actually heal faster and perform better when surrounded by nature and natural light, which is why we designed every inch of this facility based on this principle.

Each operatory has floor-to-ceiling windows and live plants, which allow for a calming and healing environment for the patient. Doctors and team members also benefit as natural lighting lowers the occurrence of human errors.

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Regardless if you have an upcoming wedding, new job or promotion, or important life change, the KoR teeth whitening treatment is a great option to make sure your smile is as bright as your future.