5 Empowering Reasons to Schedule a Cleaning Before School Begins: Boost Your Child’s Confidence with a Bright, Cavity-Free Smile! While this school season is a bit different because of the coronavirus (Back to school? Virtual schooling at home? A combination of both?) it’s still important to keep up with your child’s cleaning routine! So whenRead More



Five Reasons to Schedule a Cleaning Appointment Before School Starts

5 Empowering Reasons to Schedule a Cleaning Before School Begins: Boost Your Child’s Confidence with a Bright, Cavity-Free Smile!

While this school season is a bit different because of the coronavirus (Back to school? Virtual schooling at home? A combination of both?) it’s still important to keep up with your child’s cleaning routine! So when you’re planning for school clothes, reading lists, pencils and sports gear, make sure to schedule a cleaning, too. 

Schedule a Cleaning to Kickstart a Healthy, Cavity-Free School Year

There are a myriad of health benefits for getting a dental cleaning. Not only can you ensure your child starts the school year with a bright and healthy smile, but you can also help them to maintain a cavity-free smile throughout the school year. In addition, here are a few more reasons why it’s important to get that before-school dental cleaning scheduled:

1. The Schedule Isn’t Yet Fully Booked: Schedule a Cleaning Today

One of the best parts about the summer months is that you and your child have a little more time on your hands. You know that as soon as school starts, there’s going to be sporting events, birthday parties, homework galore, study sessions and holiday traveling. So before you get overwhelmed and find yourself running out of time, take a minute today to schedule a cleaning appointment. 

Not only will this help your child start the new school year with a happy smile, it also gives your dental team the opportunity to make sure your child’s smile is progressing well. Plus, they can get a head start on any recommended treatments like Invisalign or wisdom teeth extraction. Short on time? You can even text us or email us to schedule a cleaning if calling isn’t convenient for you! 

Schedule A Cleaning Before School Starts With Spodak Dental

2. Better Success at School

Did you know that the number one reason a child will miss school is because of tooth pain? 

Seeing your dental team prior to the start of the school year means that your child has a greater chance of success at school, not only because of greater confidence with a healthy and white smile, but also because there shouldn’t be any surprise cavities or tooth pain during the school year. 

3. Fresh Breath and Fluoride for the Win

Getting your teeth cleaned isn’t just for a sparkly smile (although that is a great benefit!). The dental hygienist will be able to remove built up plaque and tartar, recognize any trouble areas, and recommend ways to prevent additional issues or treat decay. All of these efforts help maintain good breath and a healthy smile. 

On top of that, your hygienist will apply a fluoride varnish that will help to protect teeth in between visits, which is especially helpful for after-school lunches when kids aren’t able to brush their teeth. So, remember to schedule a cleaning to keep those young smiles bright and healthy!

Schedule A Cleaning Before School Starts

4. 2Min2x

Two minutes, twice a day. Not only will regular dental cleanings help your child keep his/her teeth for a lifetime, the dental team will also reinforce good habits. This includes making sure your child is brushing and flossing correctly. They will also go over how frequently they should be brushing (at least twice a day) and for how long (at least 2 minutes). 

In addition, we can go over some tips and tricks for maintaining oral hygiene throughout the day at school such as rinsing after eating if brushing isn’t possible, avoiding sugary snacks and drinks, and more. After all, the dental team at Spodak Dental is here to provide the very best care to your child and is committed to not only their dental health, but also overall health! 

5. Wisdom Teeth Check

The summer time is the best time to have your dental team evaluate your child’s wisdom teeth growth and determine if there is a need to make a plan to remove them. While there are some cases where wisdom teeth can grow in without issues, there is a greater likelihood that there will be issues with either crowding, infection or abscesses in the mouth. 

This is where an oral surgeon comes into play because they are able to determine the best course of treatment to avoid wisdom tooth pain and complications. If extraction is needed, the summertime is the best time because there’s more downtime for recovery (and extra reasons for enjoying ice cream all the time). So, don’t forget to schedule a cleaning and have this important assessment done before the school year begins.Beat the Back-to-School Rush Schedule a Cleaning at Spodak Dental Group

Schedule a Cleaning Before the Back-to-School Rush

So before the back-to-school season is in full swing, make sure to text, email or call us to schedule a cleaning appointment for your child. It’ll be a quick hour-long appointment now that will allow for a bright, healthy and shining smile all school year long! 



Dr. Craig Spodak is a third generation dentist who joined his father’s practice in Delray Beach, Fla. after graduating from Tufts University in 1998. His dream was to change the way patients experience dental care and he developed a new vision for the modern dental practice with a goal to deliver comprehensive dental care in a singular, all inclusive practice. He created one of the world’s only LEED Gold Certified dental facilities, which boasts not only a team of the finest dental and medical professionals from all disciples of the field, but also a holistic environment that comforts patients. Dr. Craig is an expert lecturer for Invisalign and Spodak Dental Group is one of the few Top 1 Percent providers of Invisalign in the world.

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