Unhealthy Smile Overhaul: Secrets to a Healthy Transformation There is a great incongruity that exists in the field of modern dentistry.  As healthcare providers, our primary objective should be the optimal health and well being of our patients. Yet a simple research query reveals the prevailing definition of Cosmetic Dentistry to be “the branch ofRead More



Aesthetics vs. Health: The Ugly Secrets Behind An Unhealthy Smile

Unhealthy Smile Overhaul: Secrets to a Healthy Transformation

Dental Care for an Unhealthy SmileThere is a great incongruity that exists in the field of modern dentistry.  As healthcare providers, our primary objective should be the optimal health and well being of our patients. Yet a simple research query reveals the prevailing definition of Cosmetic Dentistry to be “the branch of dentistry dealing with the appearance of the teeth.” This focus on aesthetics may neglect the importance of treating an unhealthy smile, which can be indicative of deeper health issues.

The characterization of dentistry as cosmetic is a misnomer, at best, and potentially dangerous to our well being.  It suggests a focus that could overshadow important health issues, like treating what some might dismissively refer to as just an “unhealthy smile”. We, rather, embrace the aptly expressed ideal of comprehensive oral care, “combining art and science to optimally improve dental health, aesthetics and function.”* Of course, we all want an attractive smile.

The modern trend, though, of focusing on aesthetics vs. health only serves to mask the ugly secrets that hide behind an unhealthy smile, as well as devalue the multitude of healthful benefits of beautiful teeth.  Not only might seemingly aesthetic issues of decay, discoloration or overcrowding lead to bone or tooth loss, but recent research has corroborated the link between poor oral health and such conditions as heart disease, diabetes, systemic infection and more.

Unhealthy Smile? A Health Conscious Approach to Dental Care

Total Fitness: From Unhealthy Smiles to Robust Health at Spodak Dental GroupConsider the continuum of health.  A health-conscious individual eats well and exercises regularly as a means to an end.  Sure, six-pack abs are attractive, but they are simply an outward manifestation of inner health. That’s why they call it physical fitness training, not physical cosmetic training. As we address the issues of gum disease, decay, crowding, and discoloration, transforming what might initially appear as an unhealthy smile, we usher our patients along the continuum from ill health to optimal health.  The cosmetic, aesthetic results are a BEAUTIFUL by-product.  Essentially, at the Spodak Dental Group, we firmly believe that a healthy smile IS a beautiful smile!

As true health care professionals, we must turn from the typical reactive medical model of getting people un-sick to a proactive model of getting people healthy.  Proactive dental care is not only less complex, it is less costly.  Given the present state of our economy, we all find ourselves reorganizing our financial priorities.  If we persist in our view of a beautiful smile as purely cosmetic in nature, we will relegate our dental care to the realm of the discretionary and elective.  Given the grave health consequences of poor oral health, including what some might dismiss as just an “unhealthy smile”, we must rethink our perception.

Unveiling Comprehensive Dental Care for an Unhealthy Smile

Unhealthy Smile Overhaul AY Spodak DentalAt the Spodak Dental Group, we offer comprehensive dental care (general, periodontal, maxillofacial) for your unhealthy smile in one singular setting. We house one of the nation’s only on-site dental labs, wherein our master ceramic artists hand craft restorations to perfectly match the requirements of your personalized treatment plan.

Our newest associate, Dr. Jerome Vitale, is one of the area’s only sustaining members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. What’s more, Dr. Craig Spodak holds a 2010 Premier Provider designation in the Invisalign method of straightening teeth and would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how this clear, comfortable and removable technique could help you attain the healthy, straight smile of your dreams.

Visit us at www.spodakdental.com or call us at 561-498-0050 to explore the beautiful, healthful difference our unique approach to dentistry affords.



Dr. Craig Spodak is a third generation dentist who joined his father’s practice in Delray Beach, Fla. after graduating from Tufts University in 1998. His dream was to change the way patients experience dental care and he developed a new vision for the modern dental practice with a goal to deliver comprehensive dental care in a singular, all inclusive practice. He created one of the world’s only LEED Gold Certified dental facilities, which boasts not only a team of the finest dental and medical professionals from all disciples of the field, but also a holistic environment that comforts patients. Dr. Craig is an expert lecturer for Invisalign and Spodak Dental Group is one of the few Top 1 Percent providers of Invisalign in the world.

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