Spodak Dental Group builds state-of-the-art facility in Delray Beach

Dr. Craig Spodak engaged Michael Singer Studio to re-imagine what a dental office could be as a progressive healthcare facility. Dr. Spodak requested an environmentally sound holistic building and landscape that will comfort patients, inspire staff, and create an open and transparent facility. The 13,000 square foot building provides space for 18 dental operatories, laboratory space, offices, gathering spaces, a learning center, a waiting area and support spaces.

The project is planned for LEED Certification, at the Gold level. The primarily design goal was to create abundant natural lighting and indoor spaces that feel a part of the surrounding landscape and gardens. This is accomplished through large expanses of transparent walls and the use of solatubes to provide natural light to enclosed interior spaces. Every operatory has a vertical expanse of glass from floor-to-ceiling; three areas have full floor-to-ceiling glass that wrap to the roof. The goal of transparency drives the modern and minimalist architectural design with an emphasis on light and shadow and lush vegetation.

The building shell utilizes functional concrete construction and expresses cast-in-place concrete columns, lintels and select walls as visual extensions of the façades, contrasting with the white stucco base finish of the façades. The west façade is designed with large overhangs and an extensive shade trellis that extend from the building and create patterns of shadow while protecting the interior from direct sunlight. A specialty detail of patterned relief in both the stucco and cast-in-place walls is utilized to create shadow line variations enhanced with linear copper accents.

The southern half of the building visibly sheds water off the roof through concrete outfalls down into a vegetated bioswale landscape. The north half of the building collects rainwater into a cistern for supplemental irrigation for the northeast and east gardens that have more water intensive fruit trees, herb and vegetable gardens, and a tropical shade garden. Pocket gardens of lush native and tropical vegetation surround the building as both a visual expression on the exterior and critically as a part of the interior landscape due to the expanses of transparent walls. Some non-transparent building walls have trellis cables to support green walls of vines that reduce heat gain and attract butterflies and avian wildlife. At key locations the
exterior gardens integrate small acoustic water elements, cast concrete seat walls and sculptural paving.

Artist / Designer: Michael Singer
Singer Studio Design Team: Jason Bregman and Jonathan Fogelson
Architect of Record: Rich Jones Architecture, Robert Cannellos Project Manager
Interior Architecture and Design: Pat Carter and Jeff Carter of Practice Design Group
Landscape Architect: Connie Roy-Fisher of Studio Sprout